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Kenneth Littleton

1024 Bay Street #1         Santa Monica         California   90405

H: 310-392-0997    C: 310-866-0997    E:



Professional Experience


Apr 11 – Present         Solumena, LLC                                   Founder                   Santa Monica, CA

                                                Founded technology development company to pioneer innovation in the cruise industry.  Premiere products include CruiseImage Online Cruise Photo Store and the Cruisecierge In-cabin Information and Entertainment System.


Dec 06 – Present         LittletonFX                            Visual Effects Consultant         Los Angeles, CA

                                                Technology and workflow consultant for visual effects production and digital mastering.  Freelance visual effects artist and Nuke compositor for feature film effects.  Clients include Digital Domain, Sway Studios, Svengali, Reliance Media and ScanlineVFX.


Jul 04 – Dec 06            MESH Corporation                           President                     Los Angeles, CA

                                                Incorporated technology and procedures consultant for visual effects production and digital mastering.  Supervise visual effects and post-production mastering of feature films.  Clients include Digital Domain, Gray Matter Effects and Laser Pacific.


Jul 03 – Jun 04             LittletonFX                            Visual Effects Consultant     Santa Monica, CA

                                                Technology and procedures consultant for visual effects production and digital mastering.  Freelance visual effects artist and Apple Shake compositor for titles, trailers and effects.


Feb 01 – Jun 03           Kodak Cinesite                                 Manager                     Los Angeles, CA

                                                Oversaw operations of three film visual effects departments with fifty artists. Successfully integrated both Shake and Inferno systems and artists in less than three months including budgeting, vendor relations, technical implementation and installation, pipeline integration and hiring of artists. Improved legacy 2D pipeline and procedures to increase capacity by three hundred percent with two terabytes of network and fiber storage, tripled processors and authored/edited queue management software. Supervised visual effects, titles, restoration and digital-opticals on more than a dozen feature films.


Feb 00 – Oct 01 , LLC                     Managing Partner          Santa Monica, CA

                                                Managed startup Internet-based company to provide tax-related software for the financial industry. Oversaw business operations, hardware deployment and software design/development. Development lead on Java-based Capital Gains analysis and accounting package for traded assets.


Aug 95 – Feb 00          POP Film                                    Effects Supervisor           Santa Monica, CA

                                                Supervised all aspects of digital post-production of feature films. Managed development of intranet database applications for managing assets. Credits include Academy award-winning features Independence Day, Titanic and What Dreams May Come.


Oct 94 – Jul 95            Kodak Cinesite                      Compositing Supervisor         Los Angeles, CA

                                                Supervised digital post-production on Free Willy 2, Waterworld and Under Siege 2.


Jun 89 – Sep 94           Littleton Brothers                              Partner                            Burbank, CA

                                                Designed, engineered and implemented proprietary graphics and animation production systems including digital film scanning and printing systems and broadcast video transfer systems.  Designed and produced 2D and 3D animation and graphics for motion pictures and commercial broadcast. Clients included Kodak and Apple Computer.


Mar 86 – Jun 89          Halcyon Productions Inc                 President            Colorado Springs, CO

                                                Co-founded video presentation and consulting firm. Responsibilities included initialization and management of business operations, contracts, equipment purchasing, scripting, production and post-production supervision to produce corporate video programs. Clients included Honeywell, TRW, United Technologies and the University of Pennsylvania.





Sep 82 – Apr 86           University of Minnesota                 CS & Engineering      Minneapolis, MN


Jul 81 – Jun 82             University of Minnesota/Graphics Systems Engineering Lab





1999                            International Monitor Award                                What Dreams May Come

1997                            International Monitor Award                                           Independence Day





Programming/Development        31 years                                  Photography                    31 years

Computer Networks                      30 years                                  Image Processing            23 years

Sys Admin                                      27 years                                  Cinematography             23 years


Visual Effects Filmography for Kenneth Littleton


2011                       Immortals - Dawn of War                                                   Digital Effects Compositor

                                Super 8                                                                                   Digital Effects Compositor

2008                       The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ●                          Digital Effects Compositor

                                Speed Racer                                                                           Digital Effects Compositor

2007                       Golden Compass                                                                Digital Effects Compositor

                                Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds’ End                         Digital Effects Compositor

2006                       Apocalypto                                                                            Digital Effects Compositor

                                Flags of Our Fathers                                                            Digital Effects Compositor

2005                       Ghost Rider                                                                            Digital Effects Compositor

                                All The King’s Men                                                               Digital Effects Compositor

                                Fun With Dick and Jane                                                      Digital Effects Compositor

                                Stealth                                                                                    Digital Effects Compositor

2004                       Exorcist: The Beginning                                                       Digital Effects Supervisor

                                The Last Shot                                                                        Digital Effects Compositor

                                Duma                                                                                     Digital Effects Compositor

                                The Matador                                                                         Digital Effects Compositor

                                The Woods                                                                            Digital Effects Compositor

2003                       Xmen 2                                                                                   2D Manager

                                Kangaroo Jack                                                                      Digital Effects Compositor

                                Big Bounce                                                                            Digital Effects Compositor

2002                       Solaris                                                                                    2D Manager

                                Moonlight Mile                                                                     Digital Effects Supervisor

                                Clockstoppers                                                                        Digital Effects Compositor

                                Cinemagique                                                                         Digital Effects Supervisor

                                Hart’s War                                                                             Digital Mastering Supervisor

                                Queen of the Damned                                                         Digital Mastering Supervisor

2000                       U-571                                                                                     Digital Effects Supervisor

1999                       Mumford                                                                               Digital Effects Supervisor

                                Mystery Men                                                                         Digital Effects Compositor

1998                       Star Trek: Insurrection                                                          Digital Effects Compositor

                                What Dreams May Come ●                                               Digital Effects Supervisor

1997                       Flubber                                                                                   Digital Effects Supervisor

                                Starship Troopers                                                                 Digital Effects Supervisor

                                Titanic ●                                                                                Digital Effects Supervisor

                                American Werewolf in Paris                                               Digital Effects Supervisor

                                Volcano                                                                                  Digital Effects Supervisor

1996                       Star Trek: First Contact                                                        Digital Effects Compositor

                                Jingle All the Way                                                                Digital Effects Compositor

                                Independence Day ●                                                           Digital Effects Compositor

                                Broken Arrow                                                                        Digital Effects Compositor

1995                       Waterworld                                                                           Digital Effects Compositor

                                Free Willy 2                                                                           Digital Composite Supervisor

1994                       Hercules and the Amazon Women                                    Digital Effects Artist

1993                       RoboCop 3                                                                            Digital Effects Artist

                                Cliffhanger                                                                            Digital Effects Artist

                                Sleepless in Seattle                                                               Digital Animation Artist

1992                       Toys                                                                                        Digital Effects Artist

1991                       Drop Dead Fred                                                                    Digital Effects Artist


                                ● Academy Award for Best Visual Effects